Public Education Building Authority COA

Building on a Tradition of Excellence

Research proves that student performance increases and drop out rates decrease when students take pride in their environment. The Andalusia City Council created the Andalusia Educational Building Authority (AEBA) with the purpose of implementing and overseeing much-needed improvements to the infrastructure of Andalusia City Schools. The AEBA will complete projects using private and public funding and grants, all separate from the annual budget for academics. The AEBA works in conjunction with the Andalusia City School Administration and School Board.

Andalusia Building Authority Approved Projects:
  1. Softball Field and Facility
  2. Andalusia High School Auditorium
  3. Andalusia High School Municipal Stadium


 Building for a Competitive Advantage

The 4000 seat Andalusia Municipal Stadium was built in 1949. During the past 66 years, few improvements have been made to the stadium. In order to provide a safe and inspirational environment for athletes, students, alumni, and spectators, major structural upgrades are necessary. Here, our community comes together to celebrate our students' hard work and determination and join in the spirit of Andalusia.


AEB Authority Proposes:
  • Add state-of-the-art Press Box
  • Build new locker rooms for the soccer team and softball team in the west end zone
  • Add concessions and restrooms for visitors
  • Relocate playing field closer to bleachers
  • Replace sod with artificial cork turf
  • Remove bus parking lot and maintenance shop to create more parking, improve lighting and provide entryway aesthetics
  • Renovate east entrances
  • Add plaza area, ticket booth, and concession stand.
Building For the Arts

Built in 1964, the Andalusia High School Auditorium is used for band and choral concerts, musicals, and dramas, beauty pageants, assemblies, homecoming and graduation celebrations. The Community also uses the facility for plays, concerts, and events.

AEB Authority Proposes:
  •  Add safe adequate dressing rooms, new restrooms, storage and work areas
  • Enhance stage with expanded performance area and wing space and added backdrop tower.
  • Add lighting and sound booth
  • Update seating area
  • Improve acoustics
  • Refurbish lobby, separating ticket area, concessions, and restrooms for basketball and auditorium