Riverside WastewaterThe Riverside Wastewater Treatment Facility was constructed in 1987 and is located on Rabren Road. This facility serves the entire population of Andalusia and treats both domestic and industrial wastes. The treatment facility is an extended aeration modification of the activated sludge process and provides secondary treatment. The design capacity of the facility is 2.84 MGD.  Wastewater flows by gravity through the collection system to the treatment facility. There are twenty-four pumping stations located throughout Andalusia to lift the wastewater of low terrain areas where the wastewater will no longer flow by gravity. The entire wastewater flow enters a wet well located on the southwest portion of the plant site. The wastewater is then pumped through three stainless steel fine mesh static screens. The flow continues through the screens leaving behind waste particles which are too large to pass through the screens. The wastewater then enters two oxidation ditches where it is continually mixed with oxygen and activated sludge by propeller mixers and fine bubble diffusers. The mixing and oxidation promote bacterial growth, which stabilizes the waste matter. The activated sludge enters the rear of the boat clarifiers located in the ditches. The flow is slowed enough in the boats so that the solids settle to the bottom of the boats and are returned to the oxidation ditch through the ports located at the bottom of the clarifiers. Excess activated sludge may be pumped from the boat clarifiers to be applied to the sludge drying beds as required. The clear water exiting over a weir (barrier) in the front of the boat clarifiers is now ready for the final treatment process. As the effluent water passes through aparshallflume it is chlorinated to kill any pathogens. The flow rate is also electronically measured at this point in theparshallflume. Dissolved oxygen is now added as it flows down a cascade aerator. The effluent water must be dechlorinated through the injection of sulfur dioxide. At this point, it is ready to enter the Conecuh River.

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