Youth Sports COA

With the changing times and new technology, the Department of Leisure Services strives to do everything possible to be at the forefront of expanding into new and inventive programs. Today, we provide a broad range of youth and adult sports programming. We currently offer soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, golf, tennis and swimming to our youth with hopes for new programming in the near future. The City of Andalusia will continue to meet the needs of its citizens by generating new and exciting programs for the people of Andalusia and the surrounding areas.

Youth Sports

Our Mission:

To expand recreational athletic activities for youth throughout our community.

Our Purpose:

  • To promote interest and participation in the various individual and team sports in which are offered.
  • To promote the development of physical activities and encourage the standardization of rules dealing with all amateur, games, and competitions.
  • To give the youth in our community every opportunity we can through leisure activities.

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