Public Works COA

Public Works is made up of three departments as listed below.

  • Street Department
  • Sanitation Department
  • Recycling/Landfill Department

Street Department:

The Street Department maintains the City streets and also maintains the City's stormwater drainage system. Through its various departments, it also provides the following environmental services to the citizens who live within the city limits of Andalusia.

  • Garbage Pickup
  • Trash Pickup
  • Mosquito Spraying (is done in warmer months usually beginning in May and ending in September of each year)


The City offers a free recycling program to its citizens and makes participation extremely easy. Residents may drop off bags of recyclables at the city's landfill located on Progress Drive in the Industrial Park off Sutton Road, or at the City Barn on Montgomery Street. Free green bags for recyclables are available at both locations.