Muni Court COA

The Andalusia Municipal Court is charged with hearing misdemeanor criminal and traffic cases that involve offenses committed within its police jurisdiction.

The Honorable William Alverson serves as the Municipal Judge. The primary function of the Municipal Judge is to hear all cases properly brought before the court and render a determination of each case heard.

Allen Woodard serves as the City Prosecutor and John F. Jones and Meredith Peters serve as Public Defenders.

The City employs a Court Clerk and a Magistrate to handle the daily operations of its Municipal Court. The general powers of a Magistrate include the issuance of arrest warrants, the granting of bail in minor misdemeanor prosecutions and the receiving of pleas of guilty in minor misdemeanor cases where a schedule of fines has been prescribed by rule. The Court Clerk is responsible for the day to day business and administration of the court.

Court Date Schedule

The City of Andalusia holds Municipal Court every Monday starting at 2:00 p.m. During the year, this may change due to holidays and such. Please call (334) 222-3299 for any information regarding the Courts.

View the Schedule of Fines and Costs.

Warrant and Cash Bond Information

Online Payments


 Online Payments can only be used with payable traffic citations and unsupervised court ordered payments.

Traffic Citations

  • Defendants must have a citation number, must be paid in full and cannot be required a court appearance.
  • The system will not accept payments if an appearance is required.

Court Ordered Payment

  • Payment will be accepted only if the case(s) have been adjudicated with unsupervised probation.
  • Defendants must provide first and last name, last four digits of their social number, and a valid address.

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You may also make payments over the phone. Call: 877-748-6252

Contact Us:

Phone - (334) 222-3299
Fax - (334) 427-7082

Municipal Judge:

William Alverson

Court Clerk:

Ann Edwards

Mailing Address:

Andalusia Municipal Court
P.O. Box 429
Andalusia, AL 36420


102 Opp Avenue
Andalusia, AL 36420